Lady Gaga is no longer the 'Facebook Queen'

Lady Gaga has been ousted from her Facebook throne by Rihanna who is now the new queen of Facebook. The "California King Bed" singer has overtaken Lady Gaga's number of "likes" on the social media site, pushing down the "Paparazzi" singer to #2.

Rihanna, new Facebook Queen

As of this writing, Rihanna has amassed 41,063,028 "likes" for her Facebook fan page, edging out Gaga's 40,952,397 "likes".

The passing of the crown was noted by Facebook's marketing director Randi Zuckerberg, who tweeted last week, "Sorry, Gaga! As of today, Rihanna has passed Lady Gaga as the #1 most popular woman on Facebook.

Gaga still rules on Twitter, though (with 11.6 million followers, she bests Rihanna, who is down at #13 in Twitter followers). Gaga also tops the celebrities when her combined Facebook likes, Twitter followers and Youtube views are taken into account. Rihanna ranks third, behind Gaga and Justin Bieber.
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