Lady Gaga likes being taller

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Lady Gaga loves wearing high heels because they make her feel taller.
The Poker Face hitmaker says she can’t stand being smaller than everyone else around her even if it means she has to wear stripper shoes.
“The Haus of Gaga help me to pool clothing and go vintage shopping,” she says.
“We go through all the clothes and decide how to dress but nearly all the time I have heels in there. I love being really tall because I am really short. The taller the better! Most of my shoes are custom made but some I just get from a stripper store!”
Gaga recently revealed that, despite her success, she doesn’t have many famous friends.
“I don’t really have many famous friends,” she said. “I only have a couple of friends in the business. I like to stay away as it is really hard to trust people and there are a lot of fake people in Hollywood. I am from New York and I am quite naïve in a way.”
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