Megan Fox Proves She Hasn’t Had Botox With New Facebook Photos

The former Transformers star has now taken to her Facebook page to prove she hasn’t had work done with new photos. Megan Fox has posted a series of self-portraits to Facebook to demonstrate to critics that she doesn’t use Botox.

She posted a series of photographs on her Facebook fan page in an album titled: “THINGS YOU CAN’T DO WITH YOUR FACE WHEN YOU HAVE BOTOX.” The pics show Fox furrowing her brow, smiling and doing other funny things you, um, can't do with your face when you have Botox."

In the pics, Megan furrows her brow and points out naturally occurring lines in her forehead when she raises her eyebrows. In another she wears a worried expression, and points to the lines on her forehead.

The pictures were definitely telling, with Megan making exaggerated frowns and pouts in order to prove her visage is free of any facial-paralyzing chemicals! 'My lips are my lips,' she said, but didn't necessarily condemn plastic surgery.
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