OSIM Singapore International Triathlon 2011 Winners

The OSIM Singapore International Triathlon 2011 proved to be a happy hunting ground for a Japanese man and an Australian woman, ESPN Star reports. This year's event at the East Coast drew 3,742 participants.

First time participant Sato Harunobu is the first ever Japanese winner of the Elite category of the 10th OSIM Singapore International Triathlon held at the East Coast Park on Sunday with a timing of 1 hour 51 minutes and 59 seconds. Held over the weekend, the elite races were the highlight as always. It saw more competing in the Olympic distance and kids' race categories.

Elite Men Winners:
1. Sato Harunobu (Japan) - 1h 51mins 59secs
2. Louw Abrahm (Namibia) - 1h 52mins 51secs
3. Bryce Mcmaster (Australia) - 1h 54mins 07secs

Elite Women Winners:
1. Lisa Marangon (Australia) - 2h 07mins 00secs
2. Courtney Gilfillan (Australia) - 2h 09mins 13secs
3. Chloe Turner (Australia) - 2h 18mins 22secs

Top Local Male
Willie Loo (Singapore) - 2h 09mins 03secs

Top Local Female
Sumiko Tan (Singapore) - 2h 44mins 29secs

Top Senior:
Joseph Ong (Singapore) - 2h 57mins 40secs

You can read full story on ESPN Star.Com.
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