'[Video] OSLO Security Camera Captures Blast' is a Facebook scam

A Facebook scam has emerged following the bombing incident in Oslo, Norway.

"[Video] OSLO Security Camera Captures Blast" is a Facebook Scam

Through his blog, Chester Wisniewski, a Senior Security Advisor at Sophos Canada, said the scam started within hours after the bombing.

"Unfortunately within hours of the bombing Facebook scammers have latched on to the news and are trying to take advantage of the Facebook communities interest in learning the details of what happened," he said.

"The message spreading across thousands of people's walls on Facebook reads: "[URL] [Video] OSLO Security Camera Captures Blast! [Video] OSLO Security Camera Captures Blast!" Wisnieski wrote.

Wisniewski added that when the scam link is clicked the users will be redirected to an offsite page that looks like Facebook with a fake Youtube video player. He said, "a screen is grayed out until you agree to take survey to prove you are 18 years of age and click "Jaa".

"If someone is tempted to fill out the survey they are presented with an IQ test. Upon completion they are asked to enter their mobile phone number and will be charged two dollars per trivia question SMS'd to them four times per week."

"Keep your eye on the ball and expect these types of scams when tragedies are in the news," Wisniewski advised.
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