The Philippine flag on Tadd Gadduang's T-shirts

Tadd Gadduang, a Filipino contestant of one of the most watched shows in the US "So You Think You Can Dance" (SYTYCD), is waving the Philippine flag not just through his amazing performances but through his T-shirts as well. For at least three (3) times on the show, Tadd have been seen wearing a shirt with the Philippine flag print or theme.

Tadd Gadduang Philippine flag shirts | Courtesy of Fox

Wondering where Tadd buys his shirts? Well, I have no idea. Lol. You can try asking him through his Facebook and Twitter accounts I guess since he regularly updates them. :D

Update: Finally, Tadd answered where his shirts are from:

"Also, I've seen a lot of people asking where I get my Filipino shirts, and the answer is from my Family in San Francisco! They mail em to me and get em at some store in San Fran. I will definitely find out the name of the store and let you know! And I'm pretty sure you can find a lot more online! Yay! WALANG TAKOT!!" Tadd posted on Facebook.

By the way, Tadd and another Filipino SYTYCD finalist Marko Germar made it to the Top 6. Whew! Two more weeks and the grand winner will be proclaimed. Is it to going to be one of them? I hope but the girls are really competitive as well. Do you watch the show? :D
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