Planking craze hits the Philippines

Planking (a.k.a the lying down game), the act of lying flat on stomach and completely stiff done in the most unusual or most public location as possible and photographing it, has made its way in the Philippines and is starting to get popular. In fact, a Facebook fan page called Planking Pinas which is devoted in promoting planking in the Philippines has gained more than 33,000 "likes" already. Actress Lauren Young also tweeted a photo of her doing the signature planking pose (lying face down with the arms to the sides, mimicking a wooden plank):

Lauren Young planking | Photo courtesy of Lauren Young

Planking said to have originated in London in 1997 and has spread in many countries around the world over the years. Among the high-profile "plankers" include Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and Max Key (son of New Zealand's prime minister).

In a quest to "outplank" other "plankers", some participants are said to have had laid on a fine line. One man had been arrested in Australia after allegedly planking on a police vehicle. Seven doctors and nurses in England were suspended for playing the lying down game while on duty. And the worst, a 20 year-old male in Australia plunged to his death after trying a planking stunt on a seventh-floor balcony.

So if you wanna try planking, please know your limitations and be safe! :D

Check out below some planking pictures courtesy of Planking Pinas and their original owners:

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