UAAP: 'Guide' to watching Eagles-Archers game goes viral on Facebook

UAAP rival teams Ateneo Blue Eagles and La Salle Green Archers are set to meet for the first time in UAAP Season 74 before an expected sellout crowd on Saturday at the Araneta Coliseum.

Ateneo and La Salle to face off for the first time this season on Saturday

A few days before the highly anticipated duel, a so-called guide to watching the Ateneo-La Salle game made the rounds on Facebook. The list which was titled "How to keep your School Spirit (and Sanity) at an Ateneo-La Salle Game" contains 9 tips on how to enjoy "the thrill and experience of blue versus green."

They are as follows:

1. TAKE THE TRAIN. Expect the traffic around the Araneta Center to be heavy and the parking lines long, so it makes a lot of sense to avail of the mass transport system. The Big Dome is located where the MRT and LRT 2 lines converge. After hopping off the train, the coliseum is just a short walk within air-conditioned malls and walkways of Gateway and Farmers Plaza.

2. PARK EARLY. If you do decide to take your own vehicle, come early so you can find a place to park. There are five thousand parking spaces at the Araneta Center and most are just within walking distance such as the Gateway Mall Parking, Manhattan Parkway along General Malvar (beside Aurora Tower), parking areas around Shopwise along Times Square, beside the Farmers Garden and at the Ali Mall Parking Area.

3. SHUN THE SCALPERS. Police detail and Araneta security at the Big Dome will be watching for scalpers with an eagle eye. (No pun intended.) Scalping is illegal and punishable by law. You wouldn’t want to see your face on the nighttime news buying from a scalper. Report any scalping activities to the nearest guard or security detail. Besides, buying from scalpers goes against the values espoused by your schools.

4. DRESS LIGHTLY BUT BE READY FOR THE RAIN. Despite the breeze from the air conditioning, expect the Big Dome to be heated up by high energy from both camps. The lines at the gates will be long so it would be wise to dress light, wear comfortable footwear with just your mobile phone, purse or wallet. Bring just enough cash for that post-game party or mall gimmick. To protect yourself from the rain, wear a light windbreaker…in your school color of course.

5. FILL UP TO KEEP YOUR PEP UP. You will need all the energy you can muster to be heard over the din. Make sure you come early enough to nourish yourself before the game. Food and drinks can be found inside the Big Dome, but if you wish for variety, there are several food chains at the nearby malls to satiate your cravings. Just be sure to come in early.

6. KNOW YOUR GATE BEFOREHAND. Avoid the frustration of queuing for a long time only to find out that you lined up at the wrong gate. For Patron, Lower Box, and Upper A & B ticket holders, ADMU entrance is at the Red Gate; DLSU at the Green Gate. General Admission ticket holders may enter at the Yellow Gate right beside the Ticketnet/Uniprom Office.

7. WAIT FOR THE FIRST GAME TO FINISH. The UAAP is employing the two-ticket system on Saturday, July 16. This simply means that those who watched the first game will be ushered out of the Big Dome so that ticket holders to the second game, Ateneo vs. La Salle can enter. Patiently wait at the designated line after the first game finishes.

8. CHEER BUT DON’T JEER. Having a high dose of school spirit is fine but remember, that this is still a sport. Ergo, don’t go ballistic if your team loses. Hooliganism is so not cool. Besides, the hottie you spot may be from the competing campus.

9. POINT AND SHOOT ONLY, PLEASE! DSLRs and video cameras are not allowed at the Big Dome. Leave the professional shooting to the sports fotogs. Just bring your point and shoot cameras and focus on yelling your lungs out.

The list actually came from The Araneta Center Facebook fan page which asked its fans to repost the list and add a 10th tip for a chance to win 2 Upper A tickets to tomorrow's ADMU-DLSU game.

The Eagles-Archers game will be held at the Araneta Coliseum tomorrow (Saturday, July 16, 2011) at 3p.m.
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