Doctor Who BBC Is BACK!

Michael Hogan reviews Let's Kill Hitler, the first episode of the new run of BBC One's sci-fi drama Doctor Who. Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. Doctor Who (BBC One) was back and what a whiz-bang, bells-and-whistles return it was.

Entitled Let’s Kill Hitler, the episode opened with the Tardis getting hijacked and the Doctor being ordered to fly to 1938 Berlin, so the F├╝hrer could be eliminated. Many people would assume that the hero of Doctor Who is the time-traveling main character, played by the rakishly British Matt Smith.

But it's not so. The real stand-out hero of the new series is the steadfast (and studly) Rory Williams. Doctor Who star Matt Smith has revealed he struggles to find other roles that measure up to playing the Time Lord.

The 28-year-old actor has been playing the 11th Doctor Who for two years and insists he has no plans to step down, as he hasn't seen any other role he'd rather play.

Matt said: "It's so funny, I read other scripts and I just go, 'Not as good as Doctor Who!'
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