Mahima Chaudhary Talks About Her Daughter Aryana

The ma in Mahima: Mahima Chaudhary talks about the joys of motherhood.

THE joy of giving unconditional love has changed Mahima Chaudhari. The actor, who is back on the sets after a four-year break, looks extremely calm and comfortable facing the camera. The lady says she enjoyed baby-sitting to the hilt but is now ready to bounce back into action. Here she talks about motherhood and work.

Mahima Chaudhary With Her Daughter Ariana @ 'Save the Girl Child' Event in 2010

Motherhood magic

I had a blissful pregnancy where I just relaxed and enjoyed myself. But yes, the initial years of motherhood were quite taxing. While I was getting quite a few film offers, I couldn't take them up, as I had no physical energy left whatsoever. Nursing the baby had totally drained me out. Now, my daughter Aryana is four years old, so I can manage to take out some time for work.

Trust me, I really enjoyed being a hands-on mother. It was the best role I ever

played in my life. Motherhood has made me more empathetic, compassionate,

patient and selfless. Previously, I used to lose my cool whenever my staff would

come late or with other such trivial things. But now, I am more adjusting. Being a mother has taught me to look inwards.

Khan mania

My daughter is a film buff like me. She goes to playschool and hardly watches television, but she's crazy about Salman Khan. Aryana loves to sing Character Dheela Hai. For her, Salman Khan is the ultimate thing in this world. A few days back, I asked her what would she gift to her grandmom on her birthday. Aryana promptly said, "Salman Khan" (laughs out loud). As for me, I really like Imran Khan amongst the newer breed of actors. I find him really cute. But I don't know whether I can ever be paired romantically with Imran. The only pairing I can foresee is of friends or colleagues in a film. After all, I don't want to look like a cradle snatcher!

In front of the camera

Well, a lot of actresses who are mothers like Raveena Tandon, Karisma Kapoor and Kajol are doing quality work post motherhood. In fact, even yesteryear actresses like Sharmila Tagore and Rakhee Gulzar did some great films after becoming moms. And I am glad to see that the stereotype of a Bollywood heroine is slowly fading away. There are great character roles for actors. I love comedy, romance and action films. In fact, I want to do a great action flick, as I have never experimented in that genre. The new wave cinema of this era is truly exciting. I would love to work with directors like Vishal Bharadwaj, Dibakar Banerjee and Anurag Kashyap.

More Pictures of Mahima Chaudhary With Her Daughter Aryana

Mahima Chaudhary With Her Daughter Aryana

Mahima Chaudhary With Her Daughter Aryana

Mahima Chaudhary With Her Daughter Ariana


Chaudhary married Bobby Mukherjee, a well-known architect, in 2006. Bobby Mukherjee is a friend of Mahima's brother and they knew each other for a long time. The two married at a hoteliers' conference that was being held in Las Vegas. She talked about their meeting and wedding in an interview with Times of India, "I was making an appearance there and marriage wasn't part of the plan." She was there to enjoy herself and to be part of the event when love must have struck in the 24/7 city. Chaudhary went on to say, "At a function on 19 March amongst about 10,000 Indian hoteliers and their families, we got married and nobody had an inkling. I wore a red sari as if I was decked up for the function." Also in attendance were Chaudhary's sister and some friends. They also had a formal ceremony on March 23 with Mahima wearing a sari with red border and red and white Bengali bangles.
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