Tween Academy: Class of 2012 or Way Back Home, which one will reign supreme at the box office? | Poll

Tween Academy: Class of 2012 and Way Back Home, two tween movies from two rival networks, are both released this month of August. Both tackling about life, family and love as experienced by the youth, their performances at the box office would somehow be the ultimate test in determining which has a larger following, the Mara Clara or the Tween Hearts cast?

Tween Academy vs Way Back Home, which will reign supreme?

In line with this, Noypistuff has come up with the poll below. Feel free to voice out your opinion by voting. We'll see if we're right when data arrive.

Poll: Which one will do better at the box office?

*Edited the poll because of typo error... Way Back home already received 27 votes while Tween Academy got 3 votes before the update. They will be added on the final results.

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