Victoria Beckham runs every day, 8 kilometers

Victoria Beckham likes to change something in itself, but one thing remains unchanged - a morning jog. Fashionista not be lazy to get up early in the morning and jogging. All for the sake of her slender figure.

Beckham says: "I run through each day, seven or eight miles on the treadmill. I also started going to the gym, it's fantastic. My trainer is very cruel, but absolutely fantastic. "
While her husband David Beckham is proud of his wife and her desire to take care of her figure, he does not like to do on a treadmill.
In a recent interview with David was affected by this issue: "Victoria is obsessed with healthy living. She goes to the gym every morning ... And I'm like, I hate treadmills. I like to run on the street. Especially good night jog. It is true when I have a day off, I have great pleasure in going to the gym together with Victoria. In Santa Monica has amazing gyms. "
Despite the fact that Victoria had to do every day, she is not ready to compete with David, you want to keep your body in good shape, it's important for his athletic career.
"I'm not going to compete with them. Are you kidding? He has a great body. He does not have a single drop of oil. Ideal. "
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