65,000 calls made by Dutch woman to ex-boyfriend gets her arrested

65,000 calls send woman to jail | Photo: Tele111
65,000 calls (approximately 178 calls per day or 7 calls per hour). That's how many phone calls a Dutch woman made to her former boyfriend in the past year, prompting the latter to call the police for help.

The 62-year-old man from The Hague, Holland recently filed a police complaint due to non-stop phone calls from his 42-year-old ex-girlfriend.

The woman was already arrested and charged with stalking. Several cell phones of hers as well as her computers were also confiscated from her residence in Rotterdam.

At a preliminary hearing, the woman reportedly claimed that she had a relationship with the man and that the 62,000 calls were not excessive. However, the man refuted the claim.

The court had ordered her not to contact him again.
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