Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011 - Names of 69 Bachelors

The Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011, the most anticipated event of the avid readers of the Cosmopolitan magazine, will be staged on September 15, 2011 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.
Azkals goal-keeper Neil Etheridge, one of the 2011 Cosmo Bachelor Bash Centerfolds | Photo courtesy of Facebook and Cosmopolitan Magazine

As it was last year, there will be 69 swoon-worthy bachelors who will show what they got on the said show. Led by the 10 celebrity centerfolds ( Neil Etheridge, Phil Younghusband, Enzo Pineda, Anton del Rosario, Ahron Villena, Aly Borromeo, Ejay Falcon, James Younghusband, Paulo Avelino, Hideo Muraoka, and Enrique Gil) featured on the Cosmo Men supplement of the 2011 issue of the magazine, the Cosmo Bash 2011 69 bachelors line-up includes models, students, athletes, actors, etc. Check out below their names:

Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2011 - 69 Bachelors

Abs Abdelkader, 26, model
Pao Alarcon, 20, student
Kent Albano, 21, model
Mark Alejandro, 25, model
Cedric Aranda, 23, model
Riz Bawani, 21, model
Jaco Benin, 20, artist/student
Vince Bueno, 22, singer/producer/writer
Benedict Campos, 22, TV/theater actor
Sebastian Castro , 21, artist/painter
Kevin Cisco, 20, singer/songwriter/VJ
Vince Ching, 17, student
Manuel Chua, Jr., 30, actor
Rodjun Cruz, 23, actor
Sean David, 23, actor/model
Rafael Davila, 19, student
Gino dela Pena, 23, host/actor

Kevin Donnelly, 18, student

Paul Drake, 20, artist/athlete
Derek, Espinosa, 18, model
Neil Etheridge, 21, athlete
Nico Fabian, 24, student
Martin Flores, 22, Med student
Greg Galang, 23, student
Charles Gerardo, 24, model
Mark Go, 23, model/architect
Diego Gonzalez, 27, veterenarian/model
Paolo Gonzalez, 26, realtor/entrepreneur/actor
Simon Greatwich, 23, athlete
Albert Guinto, 27, model
Alex Vega Hidalgo, 23, model
Mark Hutchinson, 24, model/dancer
Nat Keifer, 26, model
Daniel Lambert, 22, model
Fred Lazaro, 24, flight attendant
Mark Lee, 21, student

Vin Lentejas, 23, model
Mark Lopez, 22, model
Mike Luakian, 27, consultant/stock trader

Maui Lumba, student/model
Kerwin Lu, 23, businessman
Maicon Machado, 20, model
Migs Magisan, 22, student
Allan Maiate, 23, model
Kevin Mangilit, 22, student
Lucky Mercado, 21, actor
Felix Mitre, 22, model
Miggy Morales, 26, advertising practitioner
Enrique Nor, 23, student/model
Noypistuff, 23, businessman
Rodrigo Oliviera, 24, model
Patrick O'Neill, 19, student
Alex Pain, 25, model
Tylor Perry, 24, model
Dex Quindoza, 22, actor/model
Derick Ramos, 30, analyst
Marc Ritz, 22, student
Joe Rivera, 25, entrepreneur
John Daryl Rose, 23, student/athlete
Arnold Santillan, 24, model
Carlo Sawit, 22, model/councilor
Gerard Sison, 22, model
Chris Soria, 19, artist/performer
Kyle Sparks, 19, student/model
Markki Stroem, 23, student/singer
Jovic Susim, 18, actor/model/student
Mike Tan, 24, TV/movie actor
Geoff Taylor, 24, singer/actor
Andre Vidensio, 27, model

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