The FBI did not identify any of the alleged victims, but the investigation is said to include allegations from Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens and many others. Mila Kunis is the latest starlet to have her cell phone reportedly hacked by a group targeting celebrities.  [SCARLETT JOHANSSON LEAKED PICTURES 2011]

A private photo of the Black Swan star was leaked online Thursday and includes candid shots of Justin Timberlake and another photo of an unidentified nude male. TMZ reports that four pictures were leaked from Kunis’ cell phone, with two of the pictures featuring super-star crooner, Justin Timberlake.  Watch Here Mila Kunis Leaked Photos 2011:

The racy pictures leaked from Johansson's phone shows her facing the mirror holding just a towel to cover her front, with her bottom completely on display. Johansson was named earlier this year as one of 50 victims who had their mobile phones or emails compromised by a hacking gang. 

An FBI spokesman declined to confirm or deny the investigation, and a representative for Johansson was not immediately available to comment. FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller confirmed the investigation, telling The Los Angeles Times that the agency was looking into a "a series of computer intrusions" by hackers. “I can confirm that the FBI is investigating a series of computer intrusions targeting high-profile figures," Eimiller said. Watch Here Mila Kunis Leaked Photos 2011:
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