Miley Cyrus has sparked off a frenzy of internet searches thanks to a new photo of the former "Hannah Montana" star sprawled luxuriously on a bed clad in little more than lingerie and red heels atop silken sheets.

We think that Miley felt left out with the celebrity phone hacking scandal and Scarlett Johansson‘s naked photos, and decided to throw her pics into the mix. But if she wanted to be part of the club, she should’ve at least made it look like she never expected her photos to go public.

But the photo is suggestive, anyway, because Miley’s legs are spread wide apart offering a full view of her crotch. She’s wearing black lingerie top and black bikini bottoms with red high heels.

Cyrus previously set the media world on fire in 2008, when a portrait taken by Annie Liebovitz showing the then-15-year-old suggestively bare-backed was published in Vanity Fair to great controversy.,,,CONTINUE READING Miley Cyrus In Lingerie Pic Leaks:
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