Neil Etheridge's Folded and Hung underwear ad pictorial video makes its way online

The behind-the-scenes video of Neil Etheridge's much talked-about Folded and Hung underwear ad campaign pictorial has been uploaded on Youtube and is generating so much buzz.
Neil Etheridge for Folded and Hung | Courtesy of F&H

With Mike Posner's hot "Rolling in the Deep" cover playing in the background, the video is making fans breathless seeing the Azkal's goalkeeper posing sexy in his shots.

Check out Neil Etheridge's Folded and Hung video below:

Video courtesy of Folded and Hung

Just a little update...

The Philippine Azkals are now prepping for the Long Teng Cup 2011 which will be held this September. Neil Etheridge will not be playing since he has a prior commitment with his European team. 

Via Twitter, Etheridge said: “Sorry I won’t be able to make the Long Teng Cup I’m sure that the team will do great! Will be supporting them all the way."
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