Seven dogs eat their owner in Indonesia

Skull of the man eaten by his dogs in Indonesia
Abandoned for two weeks, seven dogs ate their owner Andre Lumboga alive when he returned home, several news sites reported Wednesday.

The incident reportedly happened in Indonesia Wednesday last week. The dead body of the 50-year old man was discovered on Monday after a neighborhood guard smelt a foul odor and noticed that the luggage of Lumboga were still at the front of his house.

"His skull was found in the kitchen, and his body was found in the front of his house," Eriyana, a local police chief in Batam, an island off Sumatra, told VIVAnews website.

"We suspect that the dogs were hungry, so they attacked Andre, because they had not been fed for 14 days," the police added.

According to Reuters, Lumboga is a native of Sulawesi island, "a predominantly Christian area, where the local spicy diet is famous in Indonesia for including dogs, bats and forest rats."
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